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Western Australia Price Index

On 23rd May 2019, Energy Action commenced publication of the Western Australian Energy Action Price Index. This is the first index of its kind to bring energy price transparency to the Western Australian electricity market for commercial and industrial customers, prior to which there was no reliable publicly available measure of prevailing business electricity prices for commercial and industrial customers in Western Australia.

Like the Energy Action Price Indexes for the NEM states, the Western Australian Price Index is constructed from actual offers received by Energy Action via the Australian Energy Exchange, Energy Action’s on-line auction platform. The Western Australia Price Index is exclusive of all losses, network costs, certificate costs, market fees and other non-commodity electricity costs. It is also exclusive of costs under the Western Australian Reserve Capacity Mechanism.

Unlike the NEM EAPIs the WA Price Index is representative only of contracts of one or more years’ duration and contains no data taken from contracts of fractional years’ duration. This distinction is made to accommodate the limited nature of information available on wholesale prices in Western Australia.

The Western Australian EAPI will be published weekly from now on.

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