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What's going on in the Australian Energy Market?

Two words, Energy Crisis.

Watch Energy Action's Scott Easton take part in a deep discussion about the Australian Energy Market for August 2022.
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Key points

The current state of the Gas & Electricity market

Energy Crisis. A general overview of the Australian energy market in August 2022, what state it's in and how businesses were responding.

Future Prices Outlook

What did prices look like for foreseeable future? Expert insight based on our own forecasting and how these changes could affect your business decisions.

Update on current Energy Policies

Learn how government policies were shaping the Australian energy market. See what changes have been put in place as of August 2022.

Environmental Certificates

LGC's, ACCU's and more. Know your environmental certificates in today's sustainability-driven world as he analyses how this market was performing.

Australia Energy Market Overview - August 2022

New UFE charges and looming government intervention for August 2022. Read our article to find out more.
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Market Wrap August 2022

A more compressive overview of the Energy Market for August 2022. Read our Market Wrap written by Scott Easton.
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