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The year ahead - A look into the 2023 Australian Energy Market

Join Energy Action's Scott Easton as we take part in a deep discussion about the current Australian energy market. And provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you have.
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Key points

Review the impact of Government intervention on the electricity and gas markets

What has the effect of the announcement in December been? We look at an unprecedented decision and assess the effectiveness of the Government's policy options.

The implications of sustained high energy costs for C&I users

How have these high prices affected businesses.

Alternatives to fixed-price contracting

Not wanting to go on a fixed-price contract at these prices? We'll discuss your options and other ways you can manage the risks of future price shocks.

Renewable energy - the cause or the solution?

We'll look into the role renewable energy has played in the energy crisis.

February 2023 Market Wrap

A comprehensive overview of the Australian Energy Market.
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What is Progressive Purchasing

Learn more about what this is and how it can mitigate your business' risk.
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