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The What, When and How of Net Zero Emissions in Energy

Businesses all around Australia have made meaningful changes and progress towards their Net Zero goals. Watch Energy Action's own Edwin Rogers as he discussed the fundamentals of Net Zero in Energy in 2022 and how businesses can get there at least cost.
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Key points

What Does It Mean to Reach Net Zero Emissions?

A general overview of Net Zero in Australia, around the globe, and the frameworks behind it.

Why is it important to your business and our future?

Reaching net zero isn't just for the environment. Being a sustainable business is of growing importance and can provide an opportunity for industry leadership.

Why now is the right time to become Net Zero?

From bushfires to floods, Australians already saw the effects of climate change in 2022. Emerging technology has meant there are now even more cost-effective ways to achieve Net Zero.

How can your business become Net Zero?

Explore the various strategies and pathways your business can utilise to reduce emissions, create growth opportunities and achieve Net Zero responsibly at least cost.

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