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How your Business can Generate New Revenue through Virtual Power Plants

Watch Ed Hanna and Momentum Energy examine how businesses can generate new revenue using VPP’s and leverage this technology to support the renewable transitions.

An excellent Virtual Power Plants guide for businesses.
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Key points

The Energy Transition

An overview of the current market state and how this transition will drive a sustained period of volatile energy prices.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

Find out how a VPP works and why businesses are leveraging this to generate revenue whilst supporting renewable generation into the grid.

How are businesses using this?

We'll explain what's required from businesses, the benefits and how your business can also become part of a VPP.

The Momentum difference

How to combine experience, flexibility and technology to help you dispatch your controllable assets.

Virtual Power Plants in Australia

Want to know the history behind VPP's in Australia? Find out in our article
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Open Energy Data

How is big data revolutionising the energy industry? Watch our webinar to see more.
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