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How Wineries can become Net Zero

Australia is world-renowned for the quality and taste of its wine. How can wineries manage their electricity spend and achieve their net zero goals?

Find out about how wineries can become sustainable and more in this event.
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Key points

Transition to Solar at least cost

How does solar energy work? Identify effective power management solutions and what options work best for you.

How wineries can optimise energy spend

Winemaking is a complex process with a specific annual management calendar based on weather conditions. Learn how vineyards can optimise energy and lower costs at every season of the wine aging process.

Advantages and opportunities of renewable energy

There's so much potential to save money by using renewable energy. Watch real examples from real customers on what they've saved.

Summary of the energy market and the energy crisis

In October 2022, there's never been a more critical time to consider a change to solar energy. A combination of the rapidly rising electricity prices and the urgency to reach Net Zero speaks volumes about just how necessary this change is.

Why is climate change an ever increasing challenge for Vineyards?

Read our article on the trials facing this industry and how companies, together with Energy Action, can seek to combat these issues.
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How to Switch Your Business to Solar?

How does a business switch to solar? Watch Energy Action's Vincent Kelly and Smart Commercial Solar as they discuss this question in detail.
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