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How to Switch Your Business to Solar

How does a business switch to solar? Watch Energy Action's Vincent Kelly and Smart Commercial Solar as they discuss this question in detail.
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Key points

Introduction to Solar

Is solar right for your business? Learn how easy it is for your business to make the switch to solar.

An In-Depth look into Solar

Find out the whole process and how it works. We will explain the data analysis behind solar and how we conduct feasibility studies.

The Future Technologies of Solar

What's next for solar? We take a look at emerging technologies set to change the way we see solar.

Case Studies

Hear from real-world examples. See a first-hand success story on just how simple the whole process can be.

There's a better way to buy solar

Learn how Energy Action can help kickstart your business's solar journey. Read our article.
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Market Wrap July 2022

Two words, Energy Crisis. During this webinar, we referred to our July 2022 Market Wrap as a source of current prices in the electricity market.
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