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How to Identify, Manage and Lower your Business' Energy Costs

As energy costs soar and sustainability becomes a top priority in 2023, it's never been more vital for businesses to stay on top of their energy.

Watch to see how you can leverage your business' energy data to reduce energy costs and lower emissions.
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Key points

Why does energy matter to businesses?

Energy costs are no longer just minor expenses. Carbon reporting is no longer just for the big players. Government legislation has been planned to extend Climate reporting requirements to more businesses.

Why you should be thinking about energy management.

With prices on the rise, procurement must demonstrate their competence in sourcing and negotiating. The financial sector should be automating processes. The responsibilities of the Sustainability Manager are also expanding, reflecting the growing importance of sustainable business practices as new Government legislation comes into place.

Managing your business energy risks.

What Procurement, Finance, and Sustainability Managers need to consider to keep their business running.

Open Energy Data - What does it mean?

In this webinar we talked about energy management. Learn more about the story behind open energy data.
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Energy Reporting

Improve your efficiency and reduce unnecessary energy spending. Look at how you can turn your data to your advantage.
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