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How to Get to Net Zero at Least Cost for Councils

Join us for 45 minutes as we look at how councils determine which options will best help them reduce their energy emissions, boost their P.R. and increase their leadership recognition.
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Key points

Determine the Bundled and Unbundled Rate Plans

We'll discuss different renewable energy options, along with their prices and how to purchase them effectively, and the pros and cons of each approach.

Learn the Importance of Green Power

We’ll address the definition along with the benefits of Green Power may offer and more of what it can do.

Transition of Net Zero At Least Cost (Auction)

We’ll demonstrate the pathway to Net Zero and how our in-house council expert Lauren Pearce helped Byron Shire council purchase 100% renewable energy.

understanding Energy Management (Metrics)

We'll identify effective decisions on energy management and the root causes of power cuts with the response time you need, so as to understand what goes wrong and anticipate better.

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