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COP26 and the European Energy Crisis: Lessons and Implications for the Australian Energy Transition

Join Energy Action's Ed Hanna and our Energy Experts Alliance partners in Europe, Alfa Energy, as we discuss the European energy crisis and the COP26 conference in Glasgow.
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Key points

The similarities between energy prices rising in Europe and Australia

There are many factors contributing to the energy shortages in the UK and Europe that are also being reported in Australia.

Looking at COP26 on a local and global scale

Get the perspective from both the UK and from Australia on what they're doing to combat climate change and secure a better future for the world.

Commentary on the links between Green Energy policies and Energy Shortages

As Australia transitions towards net zero, we need to be able to manage the transition from black energy to green energy.

Methods for Australian businesses to manage exposure to price rises

Spot the risks and manage the market volatility, especially in these times of transition and re-opening economies.

Government Grants to Make Businesses More Energy Efficient

The Federal Government ran two grant programs to help businesses fund projects that will make them more....
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How Electric Vehicles can Speed up Your Net Zero Plans

Businesses have long been interested in sustainability and spoken of their commitment to renewable energy. More recently....
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