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Building the Case for Change: How You Can Lead your Business Towards Net Zero at Least Cost

Watch Energy Action’s Tim Smith and the Energy Efficiency Council’s Holly Taylor, as they discuss how every Australian business can lead the change to active energy management leading energy and emission savings at least cost.
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Key points

Energy management is central to your Net Zero plan

In 2020, 70% of emissions were related to fossil fuel combustion.

Energy efficiency is the world’s first fuel

Offering businesses least cost opportunities to reduce energy bills and emissions straight away.

Practical steps to lead change

Plan, Do, Check and Act with executive strategy, Net Zero Plan, business leadership, support team, KPI and reporting.

Taking a holistic, systematic approach

leveraging data-based insights, calibrating investment in energy efficiency, demand management and onsite generation, and optimising energy procurement and offsets, is integral to realising net zero goals at least cost.

Net Zero in Energy Action

You can lower your company's emissions in a month or across steps spread over years....
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How to Get to Net Zero at Least Cost for Councils

Look at how councils determine which options will best help them reduce their energy emissions, boost their....
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