Energy at Least Cost for Western Australia

Join us for a 45-minute webinar session on analysing the impact of energy management solutions, market generation mix, and learn the importance of renewable energy.
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Key speakers

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis

Business Service Consultant
Simon Moore

Simon Moore

Business Development Manager

Session Details


24 February 2022


11:00 am


on Zoom

Key Points

Determining Bundled and Unbundled Rate Plans

How to determine which product suits your business energy needs, comparing the difference between Bundled and Unbundled.

Benefits of GreenPower

We'll discuss what exactly GreenPower is, and how it can help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Transition Towards Net Zero At Least Cost

We'll talk about the various methods available for you to put your plan into action and reach net zero at least cost.

Understanding Energy Management

We'll identify the many benefits of having an energy management system and how you can make smarter decisions by tracking your metrics.

Key Speakers

Meet the speakers

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is a Business Service Consultant based here locally in WA representing Energy Action for over 3 years. She has WA local experience of more than 8 years within the industry working for energy retailers. Sarah is passionate in fighting for a better deal, ensuring businesses are aligning their energy needs to a tailored energy business plan.

Simon Moore

Simon Moore is Energy Action’s Business Development Manager specializing in WA marketplace. He has over 10 years Energy experience in conventional and renewable energies, he also worked in Energy markets across UK/Australia. Simon provides strategies & tools to reduce your energy costs and is passionate about sustainability and the transition to Net Zero.

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How we reached Net Zero - and the lessons we learned

At Energy Action, we’re firmly committed to lowering our customers' emissions and making a difference to the world our children will live in. So putting a Net Zero plan in place for ourselves and then executing it is top of our priorities.

In this free download, learn from our experiences. We discuss how important it is to create a data-led plan, the complexities involved, and the actual activities you’ll need to consider when reducing your electricity’s carbon emissions.

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