How councils can reach Net Zero for least cost

Join us for 45 minutes as we look at how councils determine which options will best help them reduce their energy emissions, boost their P.R. and increase their leadership recognition.
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Key speakers

Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna

Head of Product Strategy & Net Zero
Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert

Co-CEO of 100% Renewables

Session Details


09 December 2021


11:00 am


on Zoom

Key Points

Learn the best practices

We’ll look at how to measure your emissions and benefit from the flood of cheap renewable energy that’s dominating energy prices. We’ll also discuss different renewable energy options, how to purchase them effectively, and the pros and cons of each approach.

Learn how to get buy-in and promote the benefits

We’ll discuss how to get stakeholder buy-in and how to promote the benefits to your constituents.

Real-life examples

We’ll demonstrate how our in-house council expert Lauren Pearce helped Byron Shire council purchase 100% renewable energy. We’ll also show how we negotiated a 100% carbon-free electricity deal for a large strata client for no extra cost.

Learn which councils are doing what and how

We’re seeing a sharp uptake in local government entering into power purchase agreements that give them greater bargaining power. We’ll show a leaderboard of councils that have greened their supply and discuss how some of them achieved it.

Key Speakers

Meet the speakers

Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna is the Head of Product Strategy & Net Zero at Energy Action. Ed has more than two decades of experience developing solutions to meet the needs of energy consumers and producers in the Australian markets. Over the last five years his focus has been driving the decentralisation of the grid to empower consumers and improving environmental outcomes.

Barbara Albert

Barbara is the Co-CEO of 100% Renewables, a consultancy specialised in developing net-zero pathways. Barbara is a speaker and award-winning author of the book ‘Energy Unlimited’ and regularly shares her experience on the company’s blog, YouTube channel, and her ‘Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions’ podcast.

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How we reached Net Zero - and the lessons we learned

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