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Net Zero at Least Cost for Cold Storage and Cold Chains

Position yourself as a leader within the cold storage and cold chains industry by becoming a sustainable business. We'll show you how to get there at least cost.

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Key speakers

Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna

General Manager - Commercial & Growth
Tony Giannikos

Tony Giannikos

Business Development Manager

Session Details


19 May 2022


11:00 am


Online via Zoom

Key Points

Why your business should be considering Net Zero

Reaching Net Zero isn't just for the environment. Being a sustainable business is of growing importance and can provide an opportunity for industry leadership and a PR boost.

Taking a holistic, systematic approach

Leveraging data-based insights, calibrating investment in energy efficiency, demand management and onsite generation, and optimising energy procurement and offsets, is integral to realising Net Zero goals.

Advantages and opportunities of renewable energy

There's so much potential to save money by using renewable energy. Find out real examples from real customers on what they've saved.

An analysis of your options

What your options are, how do they differ, and which will best suit your needs.

Key Speakers

Meet the speakers

Edward Hanna

Edward Hanna is the General Manager of Commercial & Growth at Energy Action. Ed has more than two decades of experience developing solutions to meet the needs of energy consumers and producers in the Australian markets. Over the last five years his focus has been driving the decentralisation of the grid to empower consumers and improving environmental outcomes.

Tony Giannikos

Tony has had over a decade managing commercial clients within both the Energy industry and the finance sector. Over the last three years at Energy Action Tony has been identifying the best solutions for our clients including running Energy Action’s first 100% Green Auctions

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Free Whitepaper

How we reached Net Zero - and the lessons we learned

The status quo is no longer acceptable. Climate change, driven by greenhouse gas emissions, is causing adverse impacts on our economy, environment, communities, and each of us.

Being Net Zero is a priority for Energy Action. It lets us lead by example and have a conversation with our customers on our shared experience.

But getting to Net Zero isn't straightforward. It needs a plan based on complicated and hard to get data. And real activities to reduce and remove carbon emission sources.

This paper describes our journey of getting to Net Zero and outlines some of the steps we took along the way.

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