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Why reaching Net Zero doesn’t cost the earth.

Join us as Energy Action’s CEO John Huggart and 100% Renewable’s co-CEO Barbara Albert, do a deep dive into how to set up a responsible Net Zero plan for least cost.

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Key speakers

John Huggart

John Huggart

CEO of Energy Action
Barbara Albert

Barbara Albert

Co-CEO of 100% Renewables

Session Details

In 2021 organisations seen to be reducing their footprint aren’t just reducing their emissions and giving their PR a boost.

They’re also actively increasing their ability to attract new investors, clients, customers and opportunities.


19 August 2021


11:00 am


Online via Zoom

Key Points

Target Setting

How to set a realistic and responsible Net Zero target for your business at least cost.

Options Analysis

What your options are, how do they differ, and which best suit
your needs.

Net Zero Plan

What a real-world Net Zero plan looks like, how it was built and the challenges it faced along the journey.

Advantages and Opportunities

The advantages and opportunities that can arise when you start your Net Zero journey, and how to capitalise on them.

Key Speakers

Meet the speakers

The new webinar from Energy Action considers the top down and bottom up approach to Net Zero planning, and presents a case study in how to plan to deliver Net Zero over the medium term

We look at various strategies your business can apply to reduce its carbon, the growth opportunities that being on the journey attracts and, importantly, how Net Zero can be responsibly achieved at least cost.

John Huggart

  • Chief Executive of an ASX Listed independent energy management firm specialising in procurement, Net Zero consulting and contract management.
  •  Experienced senior executive with a strong energy background gained at Origin Energy, Alinta, and AGL.
  • Board Member of the Energy Efficiency Council and a Fellow of the Australian CPA’s.
  • Subject matter expertise: carbon neutral and renewable energy procurement, tri-generation projects, solar businesses.

Barbara Albert

  • Co-Chief Executive of a national consultancy specialising in climate action strategies and net-zero pathways.
  • World Bank Accredited City Climate Planner
  • Award-winning speaker, best- selling author of ‘Energy Unlimited’ and host of the podcast ‘Driving Net Profit with Zero Emissions’.
  • Subject matter expertise: net-zero strategy, climate change risk and resilience, building internal capacity in sustainability.

Can’t make it to the webinar? Register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording after.

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How Energy Action is getting to Net Zero and lessons learned

The status quo is no longer acceptable. Climate change, driven by greenhouse gas emissions, is causing adverse impacts on our economy, environment, communities, and each of us.

Being Net Zero is a priority for Energy Action. It lets us lead by example and have a conversation with our customers on our shared experience.

But getting to Net Zero isn't straightforward. It needs a plan based on complicated and hard to get data. And real activities to reduce and remove carbon emission sources.

This paper describes our journey of getting to Net Zero and outlines some of the steps we took along the way.

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