The simplest way to manage your energy costs and emissions

Effortlessly recontract your gas and electricity at the 
market best price. And start your Net Zero journey.

stay on top of your energy

Recontract when prices are in your favour

Receive market-best future price alerts during your recontracting stage and strike at the right time

Start your Net Zero journey

Take the first step without it costing your business an extra cent

Utilibox benchmarks your existing energy emissions so you can gauge where you currently sit and start conversations about where you want to go

Easily manage your Net Zero Journey's costs

Track your time and spend

Get a clear view of your Net Zero budget from your baseline year to your target completion while tracking actual energy emissions as they occur
Likely future emission estimates - based on up-to-date energy data - also help you budget for any additional investment needs and avoid overinvestment

Everything about your energy in a glance

Now you're in complete control of your costs

Utilibox automatically consolidates all your energy usage, emissions and spend - across all your sites - into easy-to-follow summaries and detailed reports.
Utilibox also alerts you when your energy spend, or usage reaches abnormal out-of-tolerance events

Spend less time on energy and more on your business

Effortlessly stay on top of your bills

Utilibox automates your basic energy billing
account keeping, checks your bills match your contracts and usage, investigates how your
money is being spent and alerts you to any disconnection risks
Utilibox also integrates your energy data into enterprise finance systems like SAP, Oracle and NetSuite

Start your trial today

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