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Using our Energy Metrics Service: Procurement Specialist/Manager

Using our Metrics Service_ Procurement Specialist_Manager

There are many reports available in your Energy Metrics Service that are a great tool to use to identify consumption and cost trends along with seeing operational behaviours within your workplace.

As a Procurement Specialist/Manager, we have a range of Summary Reports, Monthly, Weekly and Daily on hand that can be scheduled to be sent to you or alternatively are available on our Client Portal.

The Monthly Summary Report shows you a detailed and informative view of 13 months usage, cost, demand and emission factor history, broken down further into relevant components specific to each view. This report also includes a view of your Load Profile across the reporting month where you can identify if action needs to be taken to correct this if a pattern emerges where you have poor power factor.

Procurement Managers find this report highly beneficial to use as an indication of monthly total bill costs whilst waiting for their retailers’ bill to come through to accrue the funds ahead of time.

The Weekly Report provides a snapshot of the previous week in relation to your site’s usage and load plus also compares the same week in the previous year to help identify any operational changes over the period of time if you see a dramatic difference in results.

The Daily Summary provide a highly detailed snapshot of the day including interval data per 30 minutes. This report also compares the day with the same day the previous year.

Following on from providing you with an indicative bill summary via the Monthly Summary Report, our Metrics Team also conduct Energy Bill Validations, essential for picking up any potential errors in your retailers’ bill. By using your contractual information and interval meter data, we simply generate a bill and compare this to your retailers’ bill, working through any discrepancies we see. We then inform our clients of any issues we find and work with your retailer to rectify any over or under-charges. Through our Bill Validation service, we have secured credits of $3M over the past few years.

Another report we supply to our clients on a bi-annual basis is the Network Tariff Review. Working with the network operator approved tariff documents and using current tariff and usage data we have for your site, we collate this information and compare this to the new network tariff costs. This report shows you whether you are to expect an increase or a decrease in network costs as billed by your retailer.

Energy Action go one step further to help our clients really save money. We are able to identify if there are any other tariffs within your network that you can benefit moving to. As the network costs make up to 50% of your retailers’ bill, many of our clients have taken up the option to move to an alternate tariff, therefore realising potential savings. In the past few years, we have identified up to $14M potential savings through our Network Tariff Review process.

Procurement Managers have a range of tools through the Energy Metrics service to identify consumption and cost trends along with seeing operational behaviours within workplaces.

Find out more about Energy Metrics and contact our team today if you want more information.

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