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Media Release: Energy Action Launches Utilibox

A Ground-breaking Energy & Emissions Management Platform for Australian Businesses

SYDNEY, Australia, 1 May 2023 - Energy Action Limited (ASX: EAX) recently announced to the ASX the launch of Utilibox, an innovative energy and emissions management software that empowers Australian businesses to begin their Net Zero journey effortlessly. Utilibox is a comprehensive energy management solution designed to help companies reduce energy costs, minimize emissions, and streamline finance and analysis processes.

Interim CEO and Director shared his enthusiasm, "Utilibox is a step change in the quality of our energy management services, giving our customers a value-added experience with complex energy data. We're excited to bring Utilibox to market and to help all Australian businesses kickstart their Net Zero journey while reducing costs and emissions."

"Utilibox leverages years of research and development, incorporating artificial intelligence to deliver an energy management solution tailored to the needs of Australian businesses." Clint Irving, Energy Action's CTO, stated, "Our clever technology helps businesses reduce their energy costs and emissions even in the face of high-priced, carbon-intensive energy. Leveraging Energy Action's extensive energy-market knowledge and client insights, Utilibox offers personalized, cost-effective insights for reducing expenses and achieving net-zero emissions. We're thrilled to offer Utilibox to our customers as a game-changing product."

With the global push for decarbonization, Energy Action is dedicated to helping Australian businesses make meaningful strides towards achieving Net Zero. Energy Action’s customer surveys reveal that while most businesses want to set a Net Zero goal, 70 - 80% are uncertain about where to start or deterred by the perceived expense. Utilibox aims to address these concerns by providing customer-specific emissions reduction insights, forward pricing, and re-contracting processes to lower energy costs.

Utilibox offers a wide range of key benefits, including:

  • Net Zero: Free energy emissions benchmark, cost-effective emissions reduction insights, and progressive inclusion of other emissions types in Net Zero reporting tools.
  • Procurement: Forward-pricing and recurring re-contracting processes to lower energy costs and encourage price competition among retailers.
  • Finance: Automated invoice processing for a seamless digital finance platform that supports accruals, payments, and budget management.
  • Business Intelligence: Personalized data-driven advice, report analysis across spend, usage, and emissions, and integration with client BI tools.

By incorporating Utilibox into their energy management strategies, medium and large-sized organizations can take decisive action toward achieving net-zero emissions while reducing costs. This powerful platform not only promotes environmental responsibility but also paves the way for businesses to meet the expectations of stakeholders, suppliers, and families as they work to deliver a low-emissions future. You can find out more on Utilibox by clicking here.

About Energy Action Limited:

Energy Action Limited (ASX.EAX) is an energy procurement and energy management service provider based in Australia. Founded in 2000, the company delivers energy services to over 7,000 clients across more than 15,000 sites. Energy Action aims to help all Australian businesses embark on their inevitable journey toward Net Zero.


For more information on Utilibox or Energy Action, please visit or contact:

Bruce Macfarlane

Interim CEO and Director

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