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Lowering Your Energy Costs Without Switching Providers

Lowering your business' energy costs down is critical to cash flow management and overall success – an increasing focus for many businesses navigating the latest lockdowns. Energy is one of those unavoidable expenses, but there are ways to create real savings without changing providers or even the amount you consume.

At Energy Action, two strategies we recommend to our clients are reviewing tariffs and validating energy bills to reduce energy costs. The network tariff is the charge for using the poles and wires that deliver the electricity to your business. Once a year, your business gets the chance to lock in substantial savings if they're eligible to move to a better network tariff.  

In addition, electricity bills are a given, but they are often complicated and include numerous charges and layers of jargon.

We support our Metrics clients by providing services that review network tariffs annually,  and we check our clients' invoices each month to identify savings. We have identified significant savings for our clients just by ensuring bills are accurately measuring and recording energy costs.

Are you on the right tariff?

Energy Action undertakes a Tariff Review for businesses to identify available savings by moving onto a more favourable tariff based on your location and usage for our Metrics clients. To do this, we conduct a thorough review of your business's historical electricity usage patterns, including examining demand and volume during various periods priced differently according to the tariff.

With network charges typically constituting more than half of the average energy bill, it's essential to realise this annual opportunity to review tariffs and choose the most cost-effective one for your business. Energy Action independently assesses the current network tariff and calculate the savings associated with moving to a more favourable tariff. We recently identified more than $1M per year of savings for a larger client of ours.

Are the charges on your energy bill correct?

Energy Action includes Bill Validations as part of our Energy Metrics service to ensure that our clients' bills are correct and your business is only being charged for the energy used. Since 2015, we've identified more than $3.9 million in savings for our clients through Bill Validations.

We do this by reverse engineering all the components of your bill and compare them to consumption. If we find your bill is incorrect, we work with your electricity retailer to rectify any charges and notify you so you can recoup them.

If your business is looking for immediate cost savings, talk to our experts about how we can help you ensure you are on the right tariff. We can also get you in a cycle of regular bill checking to ensure you aren't paying extra charges. We'll also help you in lowering your energy costs. Contact one of our advisers on 1300 553 551 or by clicking here.

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