Gas Procurement

Gas Procurement

Tailored and thorough pricing solutions for all clients. 

Whether you simply use gas to heat a small space or whether gas amounts to one of your company’s largest expenses, our pricing team will tailor their approach to obtain the best outcome for your business.


High touch point solutions for complex needs.

We help large gas consumers secure their contracts through our Request for Proposals (RFP) pricing mechanism. This approach allows for a highly personalised solution with deep involvement of our Trading & Pricing experts. 

Depending on the market conditions we can evaluate retailer proposals over two rounds - initial responses and a final round with shortlisted retailers - as opposed to making a recommendation based on a single round of submissions.

Once we have reviewed, compared and contrasted every aspect of the contract from negotiable cost and charges through to terms and conditions, we will present you with our findings and, as part of a consultative process, discuss the ideal option for your business.
Gas lines


Discounts for smaller gas consumers.

As for businesses with low electricity consumption, we can go to market with a number of sites with a low gas consumption. Whether all sites belong to the same business or not is irrelevant: by bringing several sites to market at once we can secure a larger discount for all sites.