Solar Power Purchasing Agreements

Solar power puchasing agreements

Renewable made affordable

Historically, Solar business cases typically required significant upfront costs with 7+ year pay-back periods and have required an immediate capital expenditure, but those days or behind us.

Solar for your business, no capex required. 

We have been monitoring the Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) market for a number of years and believe that this financing model has matured and is now viable for sites in particular geographic locations that are disadvantaged by higher energy and network costs.

A Solar PPA will enable your business to have a solar system installed without any upfront investment required, enabling your business to start harvesting energy from the sun without spending a cent.

The nuts and bolts of a Solar PPA

Solar Power Purchasing Agreements

A Solar system is installed at your premise free of charge under a long-term agreement where you procure the electricity generated from the system at a lower rate than what is being offered from your energy retailer for grid-supplied electricity. Energy Action gets involved by developing your business case, confirming savings you will achieve from a Solar PV system and arranges a PPA contract from a PPA provider who invests in the upfront capital costs to make the installation possible. We also project-manage the installation process, and the PPA provider subsequently maintains your system and provides monthly billing for the Solar power you purchase from them, thereby reducing your dependency to the grid and improving your security of energy supply.

So really, what’s not to like? 

We’ve made the list, checked it twice, and we can’t think of any downsides to Solar PPA’s. With no upfront costs, cheaper electricity, a smaller carbon footprint and a safer supply of energy, Solar PPAs are the game changer that make renewable energy affordable for businesses.