Grants and Funding

Grants & Funding

It’s a classic case of the chicken and the egg.

What came first: the funds to implement energy efficiency improvements or the money saved by improved energy efficiency?

The Energy Action team has cracked the conundrum by helping your business secure grants and funding for your project.

Every project has its own financing model

Various financing models are available to cater to different types of works. Financing models include:

  • Energy upgrade agreements
  • Energy performance contracts
  • Operating leases
  • Direct finance 
  • Solar power purchasing agreements

Grants and funding opportunities to help businesses become more energy efficient and sustainable come up regularly, but they are rarely widely promoted.

Choosing the right financing model for your business.

Knowing which financing model your project is best suited for – and occasionally adapting your project to increase chances of securing funding – can be a tricky task. Fortunately our team can guide you through the process every step of the way.

We are involved in and aware of numerous state and federal funding initiatives, allowing us to proactively seek grants and funding opportunities for our clients as soon as they come up.