Environmentally Sustainable Design

Environmentally Sustainable Design

Future proof your building with a Green Star.

In the life of a building you get one chance to get it right in terms of environmental performance and a sustainable design, so you need to invest the time up front to engage a Green Star qualified professional to confirm that the final built form will perform to the standard you want, for now and well into the future of your building.


Design Reviews.

You wouldn’t sign a building contract without doing your due diligence, so why would you make design decisions without first identifying the potential pitfalls? A simple assessment of a proposed building conducted at the planning stage could help you avoid costly mistakes. 

We offer environmentally sustainable design reviews at all stages of the design process from concept to detailed design. Not only can an environmentally sustainable design review allow your business to identify opportunities for improvement, but it can also help avoid pitfalls during the implementation stage.  

We will: 

  • Review the overall building envelope and make recommendations on what improvements can be made;
  • Review the proposed air conditioning and engineering services and suggest the most efficient solution including recommending the best technologies;
  • Refine the design of major plant systems;
  • Define controls and commissioning criteria;
  • Recommend the best technology opportunities;
  • Ensure your building complies with the relevant building code, and;
  • Assess the accuracy of your simulation

Modern green office building view through window

What do simulations have to do with sustainability?

Sustainability in design is all about using fewer resources and reducing negative impacts on the surrounding environment.  To help our clients achieve these goals, we combine our engineering expertise with advanced simulation software to estimate the energy consumption of various design scenarios. That way, we can understand the real-world impact of our actions and energy consumption.  

Simulation or modelling can play a significant role in everything from designing a more efficient plant system to determining the optimum design to reduce your building’s energy consumption by harnessing natural energy sources.


Leverage our eco-expertise.

Eco-conscious design balances profitability with caring for our planet and requires multi-disciplinary expertise. We can help you with that.

Whether it be improving the work environment for staff, achieving a Green Star rating, or applying environmentally sustainable design principles to projects, our team of accredited NABERS Design Reviewers and Green Star professionals can manage the entire project and design process for your business. 

You are in capable hands with our industry-leading experts, including PhD- qualified senior engineers and green specialists with engineering backgrounds.

Our environmentally sustainable design team provides technical leadership and a range of services including:

• Best practice energy audits and retro commissioning advice for existing buildings;
• Expert design review; 
• Energy-use simulation; 
• Post-construction evaluation and post-occupancy surveys for new buildings, and; 
• Civil, structural and mechanical engineering design and project management.