Energy Metrics Platinum

Energy Metrics Platinum

We’ve seen too many energy bills that scare us. 

As energy consultants, we’ve seen our fair share of exorbitant energy bills. Often, they result from a lack of understanding of the energy efficiencies of various equipment, or an inability to correctly identify sources of energy wastage.

Our premium monitoring service, Energy Metrics Platinum, takes energy management to the next level by giving you more control over your energy usage. It gives clients near real-time access to cost, energy demand and consumption data to provide you with immediate feedback on changes in operational performance and associated cost implications. 

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Energy Metrics Platinum

How does it work?

It’s amazing how much 1°C of heating or cooling can make a difference to your power bill.

Energy Metrics Platinum provides data updates in five-minute intervals, giving clients near real-time visibility of the when, where and how power is used.  An invaluable performance tool, it provides a granular breakdown of energy consumption patterns and information, which enables you to make practical adjustments to air-conditioning, lighting and other systems to reduce energy costs.

Armed with these insights, clients are able to set energy consumption thresholds using Energy Metrics Platinum’s alert service, which automatically generates SMS or emails when consumption reaches predetermined limits.