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How to access the QLD Government’s Utility Relief Package for Small Business and Embedded Network Operators

As part of a broader $4 billion package to support Queensland households and businesses, the QLD Government is providing a $100 million utility relief package for small to medium businesses, including sole traders.

The relief package provides a $500 rebate on electricity bills for all QLD small and medium sized businesses that consume less than 100,000 kilowatt hours and have an active account as at 30 April 2020. This rebate will be automatically applied to regardless of the balance of your bill and appear as a credit on the next electricity bill received after 30 April 2020.

Those businesses having difficulty paying their bill are encouraged to contact their retailer to discuss additional support or payment options available to them.

Further information on the electricity rebates and other support available to QLD businesses can be found here. Frequently Asked Question's and information relating to the QLD Government's Utility Relief Payments and other states can be found here.

Important Information for Embedded Network Operators
The QLD Government requests that all embedded network owners self-identify with their electricity retailer by 24 April 2020 and make the necessary billing system adjustments to ensure that their embedded network customers are provided with the relevant utility rebate. Further to the $500 rebate for small business customers, the QLD Government is also providing a $200 utility rebate for households.

Forms to submit before 24 April
Embedded Network Operators (ENOs) will need to notify their retailer by 24 April 2020 to advise the number of occupied households or small business tenants (as at 30 April 2020), within their premises. To do this, ENOs must submit the relevant forms (Form 511 for households and Form 514 for small businesses). These forms can also be downloaded from the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors website here.

Applicable Forms:
Form 511 - Application for Utility Relief Payment (Residential) for Embedded Networks
Form 514 - Application for Utility Relief Payment (SMB) for Embedded Networks
Form 516 - Application for Utility Relief Supplemental Payment (SMB) for Embedded Networks

Below is a list of retailer contacts to lodge Forms 511, 514 and 516 claims for Queensland Government Utility Relief Payments:


Email address to submit forms 511, 514 and 516

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