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Riding the Current: Understanding Flow Power's Market Approach

I. About Flow Power

In the dynamic landscape of energy retail, Flow Power offers a different approach to energy contracting. Flow Power is not your typical electricity retailer. Instead, it offers a unique blend of services designed to give Australian businesses more exposure to volatile energy markets and access to renewable energy.

II. History of Flow Power

Like any good story, it story begins with its founder, Matthew van der Linden. Recognising the need for diverse energy retail choices, van der Linden founded a company that provided regular business clients with wholesale-like contracts. Today, Flow Power has grown into a team of over 100 people spread across five states.

III. Services Offered by Flow Power

Flow Power offers a suite of solutions revolving around risks. These include fixed, market, and demand response power plans.

These solutions are designed to provide businesses with several contracting options based on their risk tolerance. Fixed plans provide pricing certainty, but market plans expose firms to wholesale power price swings. On the other hand, demand response schemes compensate companies for lowering their power use during peak hours.

One of their key offerings is the kWatch® Intelligent Controller. This application gives organisations real-time information about their energy usage. This allows them to make more educated decisions and save money. Businesses can find cost-saving opportunities by examining their energy use habits.

IV. What Makes Flow Power Different

Renewable energy projects are being developed by Flow Power. These projects provide sustainable energy to the National Energy Market states. The sources include a combination of wind, solar, and storage. They also create jobs, education, community financing, and other financial possibilities for locals.

These renewable projects are available in:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia

V. The Risks of Wholesale Spot Contracts

However, while their model offers many benefits, it also comes with certain risks. The main risk is associated with wholesale spot contracts. These contracts allow businesses to purchase electricity directly from the wholesale market. However, it is important to note that they are subject to price volatility. Businesses need to carefully manage their consumption to avoid high costs during periods of high demand or low supply.

VI. Conclusion

In conclusion, Flow Power is an energy retailer that is working to influence the future of Australia's energy industry. They're redefining the way businesses use energy by offering creative solutions capable of lowering energy costs and a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flow Power

1. How does Flow Power's model work? 

Their model is unique in that it allows businesses to be directly powered from the wholesale electricity market. This enables businesses to gain exposure to market price fluctuations, potentially reducing their energy costs when the market falls, but paying more when the market rises.

2. What sets Flow Power apart from other energy retailers? 

They give businesses real-time insights into their energy use as well as live wholesale market data. For those companies willing to put in the effort, this data allows them to fine-tune their processes in order to save energy.

3. What is Flow Power's commitment to renewable energy?

They're committed to supporting renewable energy. The company's renewable energy projects span across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. They provide clean energy to the National Energy Market and support local communities through employment and educational opportunities.

4. What are the risks associated with Flow Power's model?

The main risk associated with their model is related to wholesale spot contracts. These contracts are subject to price volatility in the wholesale electricity market. This means that businesses need to carefully manage their energy consumption to avoid high costs during periods of high demand or low supply.

5. How does Flow Power support businesses in managing their energy consumption?

They support businesses in managing their energy consumption through its innovative energy management tools, such as the kWatch® Intelligent Controller. This tool provides businesses with real-time insights into their energy usage, enabling them to make informed decisions and reduce costs.

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