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Financing Options for Commercial Solar PV Installation: A Guide for Australian Businesses

Commercial solar PV installation financing options include outright purchase of a solar power system, traditional loan, leasing, power purchase agreement (PPA), and on-bill financing through an energy provider. Your financial status and business objectives will determine the best course of action for your company. Businesses can get help understanding the energy marketplace and selecting renewable energy sources from companies like Energy Action and Beam Solar.

In the world of commercial solar PV, the sun is always shining on those who know how to finance their solar dreams. Let's explore the different financing options for commercial solar PV installation, from outright purchases to power purchase agreements.

The Solar Financing Landscape

Financing a commercial solar PV system is not just about finding the funds. It's about choosing a financing strategy that matches your business's goals and cash flow. And that's where companies like Beam Solar and Energy Action come in.

Energy Action: Your Energy Broker for Solar Financing

Leading Australian energy broker Energy Action is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to energy management and procurement. They focus on reducing the cost of energy while also making it simpler and cleaner.

One of their standout offerings is Utilibox, an online energy management platform. Utilibox simplifies energy data, providing insights that help businesses identify cost-saving opportunities and reduce emissions. It's a tool that not only helps businesses manage their energy use but also sets them on the path towards net zero emissions.

Beam Solar: Your Partner in Renewable Energy Procurement

Another significant participant in the commercial solar PV market is Beam Solar, Energy Action's solar partner. They provide services including commercial solar system assessment, procurement, and management to assist businesses in making informed decisions about renewable energy procurement.

With Beam Solar, businesses can tap into the power of the sun, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources and making a significant contribution to the green energy movement.

Financing Options for Solar Installation

So, how do you finance your commercial solar PV installation? Here are some options:

  1. Outright Purchase or Traditional Loan: If you have the funds, you can purchase a solar power system outright. Alternatively, you can take out a traditional loan to finance the purchase.
  2. Leasing: With a lease, you can use a solar power system without having to buy it. You simply make regular lease payments.
  3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): With a PPA, a third party instals and maintains a solar power system on your property. You agree to purchase the power generated by the system at a predetermined price.
  4. On-Bill Financing: Some energy retailers offer on-bill financing, where the cost of the solar power system is added to your energy bill and paid off over time.

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