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Take advantage of market movements & manage price risk.

Flexible Progressive Energy Purchasing

Forward energy contracts let you strategically spread your price risk over a number of purchasing decisions.

Instead of fixing your business energy contract price once, Progressive Purchasing lets you leverage your treasury capability to buy contract strips and blocks over your contract’s term.


Skillfully navigate the complexity of energy prices 
and minimise risk.

Our Progressive Energy Purchasing service offers:

Data-driven Insight

Our Progressive Purchasing quarterly instruction is based on predictive modelling, in-depth market research, applied analytics and extensive industry experience.

Procurement Service

We offer your treasury function our transactional services so your forward energy contracts can be efficiently arranged under your instruction.

No commissions or transactional fees

To avoid any conflict of interest our fee structure around Progressive Purchasing is built around a monthly retainer.

Bespoke Advice

All our guidance is designed to your specific energy procurement cost objectives, risk exposure policies and understanding of the energy market.

Net Zero Support and strategy

Achieve your renewable energy objectives with green energy and renewable energy certificate purchasing strategies.

Officially accredited to offer wholesale energy financial advice

Now may be the best time to buy.

Energy Action (Australia) Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services license (AFSL No 362843). We are authorised to provide financial product advice on electricity derivatives to wholesale clients under the Corporations Act 2001. Not all energy consultants or advisors have this accreditation. The Act requires us to give advice that is fair and honest and take into consideration their personal circumstances.

To maintain our AFS licence, our team completes ongoing training, making sure that we give you appropriate Progressive Purchasing advice.

Is Progressive Purchasing suitable for you?

Our Progressive Purchasing service is suited to large organisations who use more than 20GWh per year. Progressive Purchasing is not a derivative product, so there’s no need for your treasury or finance functions to change disclosure requirements or accounting treatments.

Progressive Purchasing is only suited to companies with adequate risk-management control, who can manage variable price contracts. It is also essential that buyers have appropriate delegations of authority in place to respond to lower priced periods quickly, so they can spread timing risk and average costs over time.

What is Progressive Purchasing?

Progressive purchasing is a hedging tool that provides businesses with the ability to purchase energy in smaller, more specific increments within the contract period. Progressive purchasing provides an alternative to fixed price electricity contracts where the price is locked in over the whole duration of the contract.

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