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Our innovative solar auction platform make specifying, comparing and buying solar so fast and simple!

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Our solar auction solution uses cutting edge technology to independently model your optimal on-site solar system and requirements. Once platformed, a panel of over 15 qualified suppliers are invited to "bid" for your contract. Clients can run their solar system procurement process end-to-end through the online portal, and select their preferred contract from a number of options such as:

- an outright purchase,
- power purchase agreement (PPA),
- finance or
- lease.

Achieving competitive pricing.

Similar to our reverse auctions for energy via the Australian Energy Exchange clients can expect to achieve competitive pricing through the proven and transparent approach.

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"Avoid the cost of buying energy off the grid and the network cost in getting the energy to your premises"


CEO John Huggart explains in this interview featured on 2BG's Money News with Brooke Corte