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On average, 
our customers pay 20% less 
for their energy than the first 
bid offered.

Reverse Auction

Watch on as retailers battle to win your energy contract.


How our Reverse Auctions work.

We collect your gas and electricity data.
We create your profile so energy retailers can see your typical usage.
Australia's leading energy retailers attend the auction.
The retailers bid to win your contract.
Every bid pushes down the price you’ll pay for energy.
We help you organise your contract.

Our Reverse Auctions remove the complexity and provide results in 10 minutes.

Negotiating and securing a new energy deal can be complex and time-consuming. As well as driving down gas and electricity prices, our Reverse Auctions make the hard work easy.

Reverse Auction benefits.

Powerfully accurate

We gather your gas and electricity data and information from all your sites, making sure it’s complete and accurately reflects your energy usage and needs.

Your needs are strategically aligned with the retailers

We understand energy retailers and their approaches to pricing, trading terms and trading strategies. On auction day they can see the prices they have to beat, which often encourages them to put in a better offer.

The price you pay falls with every competing bid

Auctions are scheduled to run for 10 minutes. Energy retailers begin bidding. Bids received in the final 3 minutes trigger a 5-minute extension, so there’s plenty of time to submit counter bids.

You compare the bids and select the best deal

Once the reverse auction has finished, Energy Action gives you detailed comparison reports. The reports contain pricing and commercial information, so you can compare each bid and choose the energy retailer that best suits you.

We organise and help you complete the contracts

Using our detailed reports, and with the assistance of our account manager, you make your choice and we help you transfer your contract to your new retailer.

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