Request for Proposals

Energy Request For Proposals

Tailored procurement solutions for complex requirements.

Our Request for Proposals (RFP) process is ideal for large energy consumers who need a tailored procurement solution for their complex energy requirements.

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How it works

When securing your energy contract through an RFP, we deep dive into your energy needs to provide retailers with a 360⁰ understanding of your requirements, allowing them to put their most competitive offers forward.

We evaluate retailer proposals over two rounds - initial responses and a final round with shortlisted retailers - as opposed to making a recommendation based on a single round of submissions. Once we have reviewed, compared and contrasted every aspect of the contract from negotiable cost and charges through to terms and conditions, we will present you with our findings and, as part of a consultative process, discuss the ideal option for your business.

Achieving competitive pricing.

While our reverse auctions through the Australian Energy Exchange achieve competitive pricing through transparency, in RFPs energy retailers compete for your business’s energy contract without visibility across rival offers, incentivising them to put their best offers forward initially.

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Rising stakes tucked away in Terms & Conditions. 

Securing the lowest energy price may be your first priority when renewing your gas or electricity contract. However, the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of supply are equally important.  While T&Cs might appear to be set in stone, that is not the case for large energy consumers.  T&Cs should be carefully reviewed and negotiated, especially in the current volatile energy climate.