Flexible, Progressive Procurement (Purchasing)

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Flexible purchasing options for large commercial energy users seeking progressive procurement solutions.

What is Flexible, Progressive Procurement? 

Flexible, Progressive Procurement refers to an innovative electricity purchasing method that offers procurement managers greater control over market price risks. This form of electricity contracting allows large corporates to choose when to purchase electricity, rather than accepting a single point of renewal under a standard fixed price/ fixed term agreement.

Progressive purchasing offers greater flexibility to purchase in quarterly blocks to take advantage of market price movements. While this form of purchasing has the potential to outperform other methods, it requires corporates to have a greater level of market understanding.

Energy Action offers our corporate customers an outsourced solution. Our expert advisory and energy trading staff offer quarterly market updates and firm recommendations on when and how much to purchase, in order to minimise purchase costs within each corporate client’s risk management preferences.

Flexible Procurement

Accredited to give you financial advice.

Energy Action (Australia) Pty Ltd holds an Australian Financial Services license (AFSL). We are authorised to provide financial product advice on electricity derivatives to wholesale clients under the Corporations Act 2001 (AFSL No 362843). Not all energy consultants or advisors have such accreditation. However, our clients can rest assured that advice from our experts will be fair, honest and take into consideration their personal circumstances.  

To maintain our AFS license, our team must undergo extensive and ongoing training, thereby ensuring that we provide you with the best advice.   





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