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Energy Procurement

Want us to help you manage the cost of your gas and electricity bills?

We drive down energy prices and get market-leading rates.

We combine 20+ years of independent experience with our innovative technology and data-led insights to lower the price of electricity, natural gas and environmental certificate services.


Don’t pay more than you have to.

Each of our buying options comes with its own benefits. Based on your energy requirements and objectives, we’ll help identify the right electricity or gas procurement technique to maximise your company’s savings.

Reverse auctions

We do the hard work for you. Our live reverse auction tool creates competitive friction and drives prices down. On average, our reverse auctions generate a 20% savings difference between first and last bids across the thousands we've run.

Requests For Proposals (RFPs)

Ideal for businesses with complex requirements. As part of our RFP process (we run RFPs for renewable energy and RFPs for energy created using fossil fuel sources), we’ll advise on the best time for you to buy. We’ll also provide up to 12 energy retailers with a 360-degree understanding of your energy needs, encouraging them to put their best offers forward.

Progressive Purchasing

Take advantage of wholesale price movements while managing risk. Our Progressive Purchasing procurement method uses the latest market intelligence and strategic, forward-energy advice to remove spot price exposure progressively.

Solar Auctions

Commercial solar power can lower your energy spend and help you reach your Net Zero goals. Our solar auction tools help businesses find the right solar solution and create competition amongst trusted suppliers looking to win your contract.

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