We've seen it all. 

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we are the longest running energy management company in Australia. We are your eyes and ears to the energy industry; gaining valuable insights by monitoring the markets on a daily basis, and using that information to provide independent advice on your contract. 

Energy Procurement

Four core procurement methods.

Our trading and pricing managers and analysts specialise in energy pricing and contracting solutions across four market sectors:
Tariff (mass market commercial);
E-Markets (AEX Reverse Auction);
Requests for Proposal, and;
Structured Products.

We manage 13% of the national commercial and industrial electricity spend, which allows us to create competitive tension between retailers to ensure you get the best price outcome for your business. Furthermore, you can create leverage by using your total portfolio or aggregating demand from all businesses in your group to increase your buying power. 


Our unique Energy Action Price Index

The AEX provides us with exclusive insights that use to produce the Energy Action Price Index (EAPI), the only interactive retail price index in the market for commercial and industrial clients.

Take me to the EAPI 

Our team can help you procure all types of energy. 

Whether it be LPG, natural gas, electricity, environmental certificate services or a combination of commodities, our team can address your requirements. We tailor the right procurement methodology for your needs by analysing your energy usage, size of your portfolio, and risk profile among other criteria, thus ensuring that our solutions always meet your requirements.