Energy Metrics Portal - simplify the way you monitor your electricity spend, usage and emissions.

Energy Metrics portal - data at your fingertips

Our Energy Metrics technology provides innovative and independent data to help you understand energy use in your business. Leverage your Energy Metrics data and reports to identify key areas of improvement to minimise energy spend, usage and carbon emissions. 

Our Energy Metrics offers provide valuable insights that can be used for performance benchmarking and decision support for future investment projects to help you understand and take control of your energy needs.




Electricity Monitoring Made Simple

Historical Data

Single dashboard with multiple insights


We're simplifying your dashboard and streamlining the navigation so you can view all your insights in one place.
Single Dashboard View

Track your history and compare your progress


View, track and compare historical data. Easily identify trends to control and modify your electricity usage.

Mobile Reactive

Data available on the go and at your fingertips


Mobile optimised portal to give you access to your data when you want it and where you want it.