The clock is ticking on energy prices.

Don’t stand back and watch prices rise even higher. If your company spends over $10K a month on energy and your contract is up within 12 months, we can help you navigate the energy crisis.

Helping you navigate the crisis

On average, customers who use our Reverse Auction tool pay 20% less for their energy than the first retailer's offer.

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How our Reverse Auction works:

Energy retailers bid to win your contract.
Every bid reduces the price you pay for energy.

Is the Energy Reverse Auction for me?

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Does your business spend over $10K/month on energy?

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Is your energy contract expiring within the next 12 months?

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Can you authorise the winning bid to start when your existing contract expires?

What are the benefits?

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The Reverse Auction is a proven simple process to give you the best energy deal from suppliers.

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You benefit from 
the competitive 
environment that forces 
price reduction.

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Immediate outcome
results and your new
contract starts when
the old one expires.

You're in good company.

See how our clients use
Energy Action to lower their
electricity and gas spend.
  • " We recommend Energy Action to any corporate seeking to reduce energy overheads and increase asset value."

    Sebastien Brunel
    Vice President of Procurement
    Asia Pacific

  • Following the advice from our Account Manager, we took our sites across NSW and QLD to auction and were delighted to
    save approximately $290,000, which represented over 30% in savings on the retail portion of our electricity bill."

    Rob Hall

  • "We recently procured a new contract with projected savings of 35% per year in energy expenses."

    Wayne Jones

  • Cronulla RSL
    Their auction process was simple, and our account manager was excellent. The savings we secured are going to help fund some exciting community initiatives and give us an opportunity to look into energy efficiency projects as well."

    Sue McNeill

  • "I find comparing energy contracts and deciphering every charge a nightmare. The auction ensured a transparent approach to selecting an energy supplier."

    Calandra Barrett

  • "Excellent execution of the Reverse Auction – an innovative, flexible and fast procurement process."

    Peter Wearne
    General Manager - Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an Energy Reverse Auction?
Our Energy Reverse Auctions encourage energy retailers to bid to win our customer's energy contracts. Unlike
normal auctions (where prices rise with every bid), each bid received in our Energy Reverse Auctions lowers the
price our customers pay for their energy.
Do I have to sign up to a new energy contract straight away?
Your new energy contract can start when your existing contract expires, this can be between the next 30 days to 12 months or longer, depending on how early you start this process.
How do our Energy Reverse Auctions work?
We collect your energy data and create your contract. We encourage energy retailers to bid to win your contract.
Every bid pushes down the price you’ll pay for energy. The retailer who will accept the lowest price wins.
We help organise your contract. You can start your new contract when you’re existing one finishes.
What’s happening to energy prices right now?
International thermal energy prices are high because some countries are substituting Russian oil and gas for more politically acceptable sources. And Australia offers gas untainted by conflict. Because we export gas as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) our domestic gas market prices are connected to international prices. In the East Coast LNG exporters don’t have to reserve any gas for the domestic market. So East Coast buyers are being hit by high prices and a lack of gas.

This impacts electricity prices because our generation mix includes gas generators. Gas generators are usually the highest-cost suppliers.
We’re also getting high electricity wholesale prices because it’s wintertime, there’s less solar generated electricity going into the grid, 30% of coal fired generation is off line because of maintenance or accidents, and gas generators are being called on to supply the grid even though their costs are even higher than normal because of those high international prices.
Why is a Reverse Auction a good idea right now?
In today’s environment, where prices are going up, it’s within most company’s best interests to have more than one retailer offer them a price for their energy contract.

In the thousands of our Energy Reverse Auction we’ve run, we typically find at least more than one retailer will bid to win your contract, and the more bids that are placed the lower the price you’ll pay.
What’s in it for the retailers?
Due to all the market uncertainty and volatility we’re seeing at the moment, energy retailers like our Energy Reverse Auctions because they get a reasonably accurately idea of how much energy you’re going to require over the duration of your contract – which helps them with their long-term buying strategies.
How long does an Energy Reverse Auction take?
Our Energy Reverse Auctions are amongst the fastest ways to secure a new contract. They usually take around 10 minutes and require a minimal amount of effort from you!

Lock in your future price now.

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