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What can an Energy Consultant do for you?

Smart businesses understand the value of a consultant. Consultants work from a unique perspective.  It’s an outsider’s perspective initially, which allows them to consider issues and opportunities objectively. When you add in years of experience and industry-specific expertise, along with technology that can uncover invaluable insights, an energy consultant’s value is clear.

That’s why over 7,000 clients have trusted the energy consultancy services of Energy Action. We take a look at some of the key areas that an Energy Action consultant can add value to your business.

Use data to your advantage.

Let’s face it, energy bills can be extremely complex. Whether it’s trying to understand the different network tariffs or getting a handle on which area of your business is the most power-hungry, it’s things you and your team don’t have time for. But it’s meat and drink to an Energy Action consultant. Using our smart Energy Management technology, our consultants can identify energy inefficiencies and unnecessary costs in a business – to both lower usage and reduce spend. In short, our consultants can ensure you:

  • Only pay for the energy you use: through expert analysis of every aspect of your bill
  • Reduce your energy usage: byidentifying energy-hungry areas through cloud-based monitoring
  • Always get the best network rates: we review network tariffs, even once you’re moved to new ones, to ensure you’re on the most cost-effective tariffs for your business

Make the most of market knowledge.

Like the stock market, the energy market is in a constant state of flux. Through regular monitoring, Energy Action consultants have an in-depth understanding of the pricing trends and can recommend the best time to go to market. Such timely advice recently netted one client a 26.85% saving for its Victoria operation and 22.49% for its NSW site. Market monitoring can help your business:

  • Lock-in long term energy savings: by taking advantage of a market where prices are down
  • Budget more effectively: through certainty around your future energy costs

Procure a more cost-effective energy deal.

Central to Energy Action’s 20 years of independent energy consultancy is our energy buying service: in particular, our Reverse Energy Auction. Through this, we invite multiple retailers to bid for your energy business. It’s generally a short 10 minute auction that you can watch live. It’s fascinating to watch on as retailers battle to win your energy contract, often resulting in a 20% reduction from the first to last bid.

Negotiate across multiple metrics.

There is more than one way to negotiate a better energy deal. Beyond the competitive bids of a Reverse Energy Auction or Request for Proposals, our consultants can also negotiate around different criteria, such as length of contract – anything from 12 to 36-months – discounts on usage, discounts on usage and supply charges, plus a lot more. Even the Terms & Conditions are negotiable. It can all add up to a better energy deal.

Help you move to Net Zero.

If, like many businesses and local councils, moving to Net Zero is a priority, our consultants can help you make the transition. Quickly, if necessary, through our Green Auction. Electricity procured in this way is 100% renewable energy and meets all Net Zero reporting standards.

  • 100% Green Auction: only retailers offering 100% renewable energy bid for your business
  • Compare and contrast: we help you identify the best option
  • Making the selection: you choose your renewable source and retailer, we arrange the transfer

Our business is saving your business unnecessary energy expense and emissions. So our consultants are always just a phone call away, ready with data-driven analytics and other tools to help you minimise your energy costs. They’re not just energy consultants – they’re your energy partner.

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