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Using our Metrics Service: Sustainability & Engineering Managers

Energy Action’s Metrics provides Sustainability and Engineering teams with the tools to assist in making energy improvements and manage energy costs. Through the online portal, users can view sites energy loads including detailed daily, weekly and monthly consumption reports. These reports can help you and your team track when the energy is being used and importantly understand the impact on your energy bills. Sustainability and engineering managers can track asset performance in near-real time with the nightly interval data upload, meaning you can review yesterday’s performance early the following morning, helping you to review and identify areas for you to save.

Another example of the monitoring function – tracking demand and power factor – as any engineering manager would know should be reviewed periodically (even if you have PFC systems in place).

Tracking demand and power factor by simply reviewing the max-demand in kVA and your power factor at max-demand can help identify opportunities. Power factor should be as close to 1.0 as possible; track this value periodically to determine if you require power factor capacitors or indeed if your (PFC) equipment needs a service – users are often unaware if there is an issue with the capacitors.

The annual energy review is the perfect vehicle to give you a summary of your energy contract and usage, specific to each site within your portfolio. The monthly consumption tables allows you to understand energy intense periods during the year, and in addition the average profile by season presents you with information regarding your energy loading. These graphs are then normalised for ambient temperature allowing you to understand the impact of air conditioning on your energy loads. Remember, reducing the temperature by even 1°C may save you 3% in air conditioning energy costs!

The annual energy review also provides information on your performance against peers, providing you a summary of energy efficiency opportunities (with expected return on investment), and details of state and national funding available. The annual review is intended to be a general indication of energy/environmental recommended improvements that your organisation could investigate further.

Sustainability and Engineering Managers have a wide range of tools in the Energy Metrics service to help them better understand and take control of their energy usage.

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