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Empowering Local Governments as a WALGA Preferred Supplier with Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Proud to be a WALGA Preferred Supplier

As a trusted WALGA Preferred Supplier, we empower local governments with sustainable energy solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our expertise helps councils achieve their energy efficiency goals while securing market-leading rates and actionable advice.

Why Choose Energy Action?

Clear, Actionable Advice

Find clarity amongst the jargon and complexity.

We navigate the energy market so you don't have to. Get advice that you can easily share with stakeholders.

Secure Market-Leading Energy Rates

Get access to rates you won't find anywhere else.

Our live reverse auctions and competitive tender processes ensure you lock in the best rates, making your finance team the heroes of the boardroom.

Master Your Energy Data with Utilibox

What gets measured gets managed.

Our Utilibox platform consolidates all your energy data into easy-to-digest reports. From usage to emissions, one dashboard gives you complete control.

Lower Costs and Emissions

Get the best of both worlds

We identify opportunities to reduce both your energy costs and emissions. Achieve your sustainability goals without compromising your bottom line.

We are the preferred energy broker for over 7,000 Australian businesses

Speak to an expert today to drive down your business energy costs

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