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Energy Action recognised among Top 10 Renewable Energy consulting/service companies in APAC

Energy Action is pleased to announce that it has secured a place as one of Energy CIO’s Insights’ top 10 renewable energy consulting firms in the Asia-Pacific region as part of the 2019 awards program.

Energy CIO Insights, a global publisher delivering analysis of issues relating to energy markets and energy technology, conducts the annual awards program based on a range of factors including excellence in client service, products and service quality and areas of differentiation.

The inclusion as a finalist in this year’s top renewable energy consulting firms followed Energy Action’s independent nomination, and selection by Energy CIO Insights’ advisory panel comprising top operational and technology executives in the global energy sector in conjunction with the publication’s editorial board.

Energy Action was recognised both for the quality of its energy management services and energy procurement outcomes delivered to clients in the renewable energy space, which forms part of a holistic energy management offering that together, assists clients to minimise energy costs, reduce emissions, and increase the value of their assets.

Energy Action’s Chief Executive Officer, John Huggart, said: “We are pleased to be recognised for providing best-in-class consulting services within the renewable energy segment, supported by our capability and ongoing focus on enhancing client service.”

“The ranking among the region’s top providers is a testament to Energy Action’s core strengths, including the expertise of our national team, independence to advise on the best deals and systems that support efficient delivery.”

View the full article here: CIO Insights - Energy Action 'Delivering a holistic solution to lowering energy costs and driving efficiency''

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