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Energy Action Partners with Edge Electrons to help reduce peak energy demand

As many businesses continue to face power quality issues and higher electricity and gas prices, demand is increasing for bold solutions to help optimise energy usage and reduce costs. Helping businesses increase energy efficiency is a core part of Energy Action’s strategy to help lower its clients’ energy consumption and associated costs. As such, Energy Action continues to identify partners that can assist in augmenting its existing energy efficiency and demand management solutions, culminating in a recently inked partnership with smart energy start-up, Edge Electrons.

The partnership with Edge Electrons will provide Energy Action clients with access to the globally-patented power factor correction device, PowerSave - a software driven solution that extends equipment lifespan and reduces peak energy demand to lower customer’s energy costs.

By combining proven power factor correction technology with advanced software, PowerSave uses a bank of small, software-driven capacitors – each acting like small storage device - to provide expensive peak power to equipment so that businesses don’t have to buy it from the electricity grid.

Ivan Slavich, Energy Action’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The partnership with Edge Electrons will allow Energy Action to offer an innovative, technology-driven solution for businesses faced with sub-optimal power quality and expensive Network Demand Charges.”

Richard McIndoe, Executive Chairman at Edge Electrons said: “Australians have some of the highest energy prices in the world and this partnership stands to help thousands of Australian businesses to lower their electricity bills, reduce carbon emissions and extend the life of their electrical equipment.”

Gaining greater control over your energy

Businesses are often unaware of the default rates and additional Network Demand Charges they are being charged, which can add significant amounts to their business energy bill. Through its partnership with Edge Electrons, Energy Action is helping Australian businesses take more control of these costs.

Energy bills are not only expensive, they’re incredibly confusing, says Mr McIndoe.

“If you own a business, you might be completely unaware that on top of standard energy charges, you’re also subject to an expensive Network Demand Charge,” he says.

“This means that whenever your equipment is turned on, it causes a peak surge of power, and your electricity company charges you a maximum daily rate for that peak power, even if you only use it for a few minutes during the month.”

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