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The Impact of Electricity Generator Outages on Business Energy Prices in Australia

Electricity generation is the lifeblood of modern economies, and Australia is no exception. However, the recent spate of electricity generator outages has raised concerns about the stability of the energy market and its subsequent impact on business energy prices.

Electricity Generator Outages in Australia

The Loy Yang A Unit 2, with a nameplate generation capacity of 528 MW, has been offline since April 23 and is not expected to return until September. This outage has removed a significant amount of power from the grid, contributing to a tightening of supply. Similarly, the Eraring Unit 5, with a capacity of 760 MW, has been out of service since May and is anticipated to return in July. The Bayswater Units 3 and 4, each with a capacity of 500 MW, have been offline since June, with a projected return in August. The most recent outage is the Loy Yang B Unit 4, with a capacity of 528 MW, which went offline in July and is expected to return in September.

GeneratorNameplate Generation
Capacity (MW)
Outage Start DateExpected Return to Service Date
Loy Yang A Unit 2528Apr 23Sep 23
Eraring Unit 5760May 23Jul 23
Bayswater Unit 3500Jun 23Aug 23
Bayswater Unit 4500Jun 23Aug 23
Loy Yang B Unit 4528Jul 23Sep 23
Summary of electricity generation outages

Dated 15 July

Impact of Electricity Generator Outages

The Australian energy market has suffered greatly as a result of these outages. The supply-demand balance has been thrown off due to a considerable decline in generation capacity. This disparity has caused wholesale power rates to rise, which directly affects commercial energy costs.

Businesses that consume a lot of energy, in particular, are being hit hardest by these price increases. Industries that significantly rely on a reliable and inexpensive energy supply, like manufacturing, mining, and data centers, are experiencing rising operational expenses. This can result in a decline in profitability, and in certain situations, it can even put enterprises with slim profit margins in danger of going out of business.

Additionally, the uncertainty around the return to service dates of these generators increases the volatility of energy prices. In the absence of a precise timeline for when normal service will resume, businesses are finding it difficult to plan their energy budgets and operating plans.


The unpredictability of business energy prices has been significantly impacted by the recent outages of Australia's electricity generators. Increased wholesale power prices as a result of the loss in generation capacity have an impact on firms in a variety of industries. It emphasizes how crucial a steady energy supply is to preserving a stable and dynamic corporate environment. As Australia navigates these difficulties, it is essential to investigate methods for strengthening the energy sector's resilience and reducing the effects of such outages on businesses.

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