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Our reverse solar auctions effectively put your roof up for tender, creating competition among suppliers looking to win your solar contract.

Nows the time to install commercial solar power.

From initial consultation to final selection, we guide you every step, ensuring a seamless transition to solar with no hidden costs. With Energy Action, your journey to sustainability is just a click away. Here’s how we help you save on solar:

Step 1: Within minutes, we can identify your solar requirements

  • Using just a recent bill and your meter information we can get an extremely accurate understanding of your energy needs. 
  • Your budget, energy savings and emissions reductions goals are discussed and documented. 
  • We find the best solar equipment to match your needs.

Step 2: Initial offers are considered and your specific situation fully determined

  • Your chosen system and preferences are released to qualified suppliers, who submit initial offers for your contract.
  • You receive a detailed evaluation of each offer and we help you shortlist them.
  • We do an in-depth onsite assessment to provide project certainty with no costly surprises.

Step 3: Final offers are reviewed

  • You decide if the shortlisted suppliers should submit best-and-final offers or take part in a reverse auction. 
  • Participating suppliers conduct site inspections and submit detailed final offers.

Step 4: We help you select the winner and your choice of purchase

  • Suppliers are generally chosen based on their price and their ability to best match your needs.

You then choose between a:

  • Contract for an outright purchase.
  • Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Finance offer or lease agreement.

We are the preferred energy broker for over 7,000 Australian businesses

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