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Centralized Business Data: Missing small sites from your big picture?

Centralising data has been a long-standing issue for business energy users this century and there is still a long way to go! In the energy sector, the issue still plagues us all.

It’s never been more pressing for all players in the energy market to be transparent with clients about data accessibility challenges and how they intend to solve them.

Simplifying access to information about energy usage, spend and emissions - and making sense of this information into insights so businesses can make informed decisions about efficiency strategies - is what it’s all about.

Surprisingly, properties with large consumption (large market sites) are treated differently and data is easier to get. However, for properties that consume less (small market sites) - even if they’re part of a larger group - information is not as accessible to turn into useful insights to inform spend and emissions management. Historically this has left holes in a client’s reporting capabilities which reduces the ability to change or build a solid case for change.

Until now.

We’ve recently invested in the digitisation of our Energy Metrics platform- so it’s now easy to access information about energy data, for both properties with small and large business energy consumption – in a single view- all in one place. And that’s just the beginning.


Securing the best priced contracts from different retailers shouldn’t be discouraged – it should be embraced! In the energy space though, loyalty is rarely rewarded and this is where an independent energy partner like Energy Action helps. We remove the barriers that retailer loyalty creates. You are free to change retailers, change contracts across all sites without losing your single centralised view.

That’s the real beauty of our energy monitoring service and now we have recently added Energy Metrics SME to the mix which includes small business energy billing information - giving you a true full picture.

By working with an independent energy partner - access to business data becomes less of a barrier to decision making and more about using the information to make the right decisions.

Missing small sites from your big picture?
We have the solution. 

Learn more about Energy Metrics SME and book a discovery session today.

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