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Case study

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales enters tripartite agreement with Maoneng and Origin to achieve carbon neutrality on energy use by 2020.

The client

The University of New South Wales Sydney (UNSW) has set a goal to achieve carbon neutrality on energy use by 2020. As a key contributor to R&D in solar and PV panels, UNSW is already heavily invested in rooftop solar projects at their Kensington campus.

The Problem

UNSW set a goal to reach carbon neutrality on energy usage by 2020.

Wanted a favorable solution to tackle the volatile electricity market and protect themselves from market price swings.

“The Solar PPA arrangement will allow UNSW to secure carbon emission-free electricity supplies at a cost which is economically and environmentally attractive when compared to fossil fuel sourced supplies." - Professor Ian Jacobs, President & Vice-Chancellor of UNSW

The Solution

UNSW established a consortium with Energy Action and Norton Rose Fulbright (legal advisor) to establish a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Through a tailored RFP and negotiation process, the consortium worked to identify a coordinated arrangement between a reputable renewable generator (Maoneng Australia) and a retailer (Origin Energy).

University of New South Wales

UNSW will purchase up to approximately 124,000 MWh of renewable energy per annum for 15 years, sourced from Maoneng’s 200MW Sunraysia solar farm.


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