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Case study

The Australian Glass Group

A clearly better energy deal for the Australian Glass Group.

The client

The Australian Glass Group has an annual turnover of $50 million and is at the forefront of glass processing.

From its two primary plants in Victoria and New South Wales, the company creates a range of custom made glass products such as mirrors, splashbacks, balustrades and double glazed windows.

The Problem

Toughening and processing large volumes of glass is an energy-intensive process

Running two major processing plants across two sites takes all the client’s attention.

"In reading what was happening in the market, Energy Action approached me and said ‘Do you want to look at locking in 2023 and 2024 ahead of the curve?’ What we’ve now got is certainty around these costs, so that was really good support."

- Jason McGrath
Chief Financial Officer, Australian Glass Group.

The Solution

Timely advice.
Through regular monitoring, we could see that the market was trending down, and there was potential for the Australian Glass Group to lock in some long-term savings.

Reverse energy auction.
We ran a reverse energy auction, resulting in significant savings across the Victoria and New South Wales sites.

The Australian Glass Group

We have saved a total of 26.85% for Australian Glass Group's Victoria site and 22.49% for their New South Wales site.

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