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Case study

Strata Companies Making Savings

Delivering lasting value to strata companies.

The client

Strata companies often manage numerous strata plans on behalf of strata committees and owners’ corporations – plans that range from a handful to thousands.

Having to oversee multiple strata plans. It’s not just maintaining the common areas and facilities in apartment complexes – the lifts, swimming pools, car parks and more – it’s about keeping costs to a minimum.

The Problem

Having to oversee multiple strata plans

Little buying power to negotiate with energy retailers

Managing energy bills is time consuming

“We’re able to generate a very, very good discount by leveraging all of those strata plans and our considerable buying power.”

-Sydney Clarisse
Senior Business Consultant, Energy Action.

The Solution

Requests For Proposals (RFPS).
For large market sites, we often run RFPs –involving multiple energy retailers and several rounds – which can result in significant savings.

Leveraging buying power.
We grouped all the strata plans – not just one –into an RFP so they could leverage our considerable negotiating power.

Strata Companies Making Savings

Over a three year contract, one strata company was able to achieve 26% reduction in energy spend and 100% carbon-neutral electricity at no extra cost.

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