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Case study

South West Italian Australian Association (SWIAA) Villages

Helping SWIAA Villages manage their price risk during unprecedented market volatility.


The client

South West Italian Australian Association (SWIAA) Villages was founded in 1992 by a group of volunteers from the Italian community who had a vision and commitment to providing care to the local elderly community. They became the first association in South West Sydney to cater specifically for the elderly of Italian background.


The Problem

Was unsure when and how to recontract during a period of record energy prices and volatility.

“We decided we needed some expertise in energy procurement and expert advice with energy markets when the realisation of increasing costs on our bottom line and the need to renew our energy contract was fast approaching."

Zakir Hussain,

Business Manager, SWIAA Villages


The Solution

Spread their risk over a longer period by using short-term agreements.

We discussed possible options and determined through a consultative process that the best strategy was to enter a 6-month agreement.

Continually monitored the market and determined the optimal time to recontract.

We regularly updated SWIAA Villages about market prices and assessed their risk to ensure they received the most optimal outcome on their energy contract.


"The strategy was spot on as the markets began to fall in December despite us getting very nervous that the pricing could increase."

Zakir Hussain

Business Manager, SWIAA Villages


South West Italian Australian Association (SWIAA) Villages

By following our procurement strategy we were able to save them close to $40,000.


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