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Case study

Multi-Color Corporation

How our energy buying and management services helped Multi-color make significant savings.

The client

Introducing MCC, the world’s largest supplier of premium label solutions. MCC produces an infinite variety of labels on brands we’re all familiar with like Colgate, Penfolds, and Olay. Now part of the world’s largest supplier of premium label solutions, the group has an annual turnover above $3 billion. In Australia and New Zealand, MCC operates from sites in Adelaide, SA; Capalaba, QLD; Griffith, NSW; Notting Hill, VIC; Perth, WA; and Auckland, NZ – primarily printing labels for the Wine & Spirits industry. We look after all 6 of their sites.

The Problem

MCC is an energy-intensive business

The client is time-poor

It’s important they keep their energy costs down

“The printing process involves high output mercury lamps. So there’s a lot of load for the press. I don’t have the time to phone around to see what pricing I can get.”
John Snell
Quality & Procurement Manager, ANZ

The Solution

We ran a reverse auction (designed to drive down the prices electricity retailers will pay to win our clients’ contracts) and presented the results in a straightforward, easy-to-get manner. 


“Energy Action came back to me with a list of suppliers who offered pricing for our electricity contract, and it was a case of, ‘this one will save you this much, this one will save you this much”.
John Snell
Quality & Procurement Manager, ANZ

We also analysed MCC’s energy data to make sure they only paid for what they used. 

Multi-Color Corporation

We estimate that since 2017, Energy Action has been able to save MCC in the region of $700,000.

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