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Case study

Lightning Ridge Holiday Park

Securing the best rates for Lightning Ridge Holiday Park.

The client

Lightning Ridge Holiday Park is one of the oldest caravan parks in North-Western New South Wales, located in the regional town of Lightning Ridge. They cater to a variety of guests, ranging from budget campsites to more luxurious cabins.

The Problem

At risk of contracting during a period of high energy prices in the market.

“During the meeting with our Energy Action consultant, they explained the reasons behind the market being at an all-time high and recommended that we evaluate pricing scenarios for our next contract, specifically for a 6 month and 12 month period."

Vanessa Fincher

Lightning Ridge Holiday Park

The Solution

Assess different contracting options & evaluated their risks.

We determined that contracting for 6 months and re-evaluating at a more favourable position would be best, despite the risk.

Continually analysed the market & selected the best opportunity to recontract.

We guided them as the market changed, using a step-by-step approach to ensure they made informed decisions on their energy consumption.


"Our decision proved wise, as after six months we were able to secure rates for an additional two years at a much lower price due to the significant decline in the electricity market. We were able to considerably reduce our energy costs, which has positively impacted our overall bottom line. We are grateful for the support provided by Energy Action and look forward to continuing our partnership with them."

Vanessa Fincher

Lightning Ridge Tourist Park


Lightning Ridge Holiday Park

By planning ahead and following our strategy they achieved a 37% saving on their contract.

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